How to Get More Results Out of Your Gifts of Mario kart Tour

This amount is well below the $4.3 million recorded by Fire Emblem Heroes at its launch, but may actually be higher. Indeed, the most popular in-app purchase of Mario Kart Tour is none other than the monthly Gold Pass subscription charged €5.49/month after a two-week free trial period. It is, therefore, necessary to wait for the first receipts of these subscriptions to check how much the game actually brings in, and it will necessarily be more interesting to examine its performance over a period of one month. However, there is no guarantee that the many players who benefit from their Gold Pass free of charge during the first few days will be sufficiently seduced not to cancel their subscription, knowing that the reasons for doing so could be quite numerous.

Ubiquitous micropayments

Because if the game is currently successful in terms of the number of registered users, there are many critics against its incentives to spend more and more to unlock characters, vehicles, accessories or other bonuses. The 200cc category is even purely and simply reserved for Gold Pass subscribers who also benefit from exclusive bonuses. If the various advantages of paid packs are not too inconvenient at the moment, as long as the games are played against opponents controlled by artificial intelligence (the game makes us believe in human competitors by giving them random names), they may strongly favor those who break their piggy bank when the multiplayer mode appears.

Fortunately, not everything is to be thrown away in Mario Kart Tour, as how to hack mario kart tour the game is always fun for casual players who can play it with just one finger (in portrait mode only!) on their mobile. It will now be necessary to see if the game manages to maintain interest over time with its system of seasons, its regularly renewed bonuses and the arrival of its multiplayer mode which will have everything to prove. What does it matter for the regulars who, for their part, will have every interest in setting their sights on the excellent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch and now Switch Lite?

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